CARLTON - Vapour Trail Superlite (S-Lite)
CARLTON - Vapour Trail Superlite (S-Lite)
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Vapour Trail Superlite  

Racket Performance

Carlton has long understood the varying requirements of individual badminton players. Using this extensive knowledge and expertise Carlton introduces the Carlton Badminton System. Comprised of a number of key components, this systemic approach to badminton equipment manufacture delivers scientifically validated improvements to your play ensuring you are a game ahead of the opposition.

Range Type: Advanced Power & Control Gewicht: 85g Balance: Kopfleicht Flex: Flexibel Besaitung: Xelerate X67 Besaitungsfreigabe: 8-13KG Kopfform: Optimetric Pro V12 Grommets: Ja

Power Index: 6/10 Control: 5/10 Manouvrierbarkeit: 9/10 Schläger Technologie: Bi - Axial Dynamics Japanese HM Carbon XTreme Tension Frame Circometric Head Shape Hand Crafted Pro V12 Grommet System Stabilisor Top Cap